Simple, Sophisticated, Sound.

Providing unique portfolios for the unique needs of each client since 1998.


Since 1998 Lubbock Financial Services, Inc. has provided investment advisory services utilizing the tenets of Modern Portfolio Theory.  We provide an evidence-based approach to create unique portfolios for the unique needs of each client.

Simple: Academic evidence provides compelling evidence that market timing and security selection are not effective long-term strategies.  Therefore, we embrace the simple (yet more effective) strategy of a long-term exposure to equity and fixed income markets around the world.  Financial markets have rewarded long-term investors with growth that has more than offset inflation. Learn More

Sophisticated: Academic research (including that of Nobel Prize winners) is the foundation of Modern Portfolio Theory.  Many investors utilize speculative strategies.  However, research shows that a more scientific approach to investing is better suited to achieve higher expected returns.  We construct portfolios based on the dimensions of expected returns. Learn More

Sound:  We strive to take the emotions out of the investing process.  By managing expectations, we work to create an investment process that is educational, enjoyable, and less worrisome.  Diversification and discipline are key components of a prudent investment strategy. Learn More

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